Are you moving this spring to a new city or state? Perhaps you are making this move solo, with a partner or maybe with your whole family. Moving can be a very exciting time, but also comes with additional stresses. After figuring out the logistics of your mortgage, packing up your old apartment, and rerouting your mail, there is one more critical step – meeting people in your new community. This can be intimidating for many, but the more friends you make, the more your new city will start to feel like home! 

Think about the hobbies you like to participate in. Starting with an activity that is already in your comfort zone will help ease the intimidation of meeting all new faces. It is easier to strike up conversations with strangers if you already know you share the same interests.  

Here are 11 of our favorite ideas to spark interest in becoming part of your new community: 

  1. Volunteer  

Do you have a passion to give back to your community? Even in a new place, there are many ways to volunteer and meet people who share this same passion! Volunteering at a park cleanup day or the local humane society for a couple hours each week is a great way to meet likeminded locals. If you are not sure of opportunities in a new town, check out  

  1. Join an Amateur Sports Team 

Whether or not you have an athletic bone in your body, adult leagues are a great way to meet fun individuals. You may prefer to join a softball team or running club, or perhaps a more lighthearted kickball or corn-hole league. Whatever you choose, having a scheduled commitment is a great way to ensure you'll get away from your new house and all the unpacked boxes to spend time meeting new people! 

  1. Join a Gym or Fitness Studio  

If you are not so competitive but still love exercising, check out a new gym or fitness studio. If you do not want to make an on-the-spot commitment, see if your new city offers Class Pass to try multiple locations. Alternatively, check with each gym or studio to see if they offer a free or reduced-price trial period.  

  1. Go for a Run 

Sign up for a 5k or themed road race in your new hometown. Jogging on a course is a great way to discover new parts of your city, especially if the course takes you by stores and restaurants you might want to visit later. If you run on your own, be sure to do a little research beforehand to check for any neighborhoods where you might want to exercise caution. Always consider your personal safety when running in a new place. 

  1. Join a Professional Network 

If you made this move because of your career, take advantage of the momentum and join a local professional networking club! Explore BNI groups, the local Chamber of Commerce, or Young Professionals organizations. 

  1. Meetup with a Social Club  

Are you leaving behind a group of pals who regularly met over a glass of wine? See if there are any social clubs that you can join, perhaps a book club, knitting club, or hiking club. Sites such a were created specifically for the purpose of helping you find activities based on your area and interests. The opportunities are there if you look! 

  1. Find your Favorite Sports Team Fan Hangout 

For many people, moving to a new state means leaving behind convenient comrades who share the love of the favorite local sports team. If you look, you may find a bar known to support your favorite team. Come game day, you will know where to go to cheer on your team! 

  1. Join Community Facebook Groups 

Are you a social media lover? If your new town has a Facebook page or private group, request to join. This is a great resource to learn about local business offerings, upcoming events, and more. 

  1. Check Out Fun Events Such as Bar Trivia Nights  

After your big move, treat yourself with a fun night out. Check out local bars to see if they offer free events like Trivia Night. These fun gatherings are a great way to blow off steam and get to know some friendly new faces. 

  1. Go to a Food, Music or Art Festival 

Moving in the spring is great because you will be able to take advantage of the fun summertime offerings in your new city. Food Truck Festivals, outdoor movies, Farmer’s Markets, concerts and art shows are great events to attend solo or with your family.  

  1. Take a Class 

Let your move inspire you to sign up for a class you’ve been thinking about for years. Whether it is learning a new language, dance lessons or pottery classes, acquiring a new skill is an awesome way to explore your creative side and meet people who share your interests!


If you are now excited to move to a new place this spring, call one of our Loan Officers today to get pre-qualified!