Spring Driveway Refresh

Apr 4
Category | Home Maintenance

After a long winter, rain, snow, or ice could do a lot of damage to a home’s driveway. If your driveway is looking worse for wear and is need of a spring refresh, read on to learn more about your options.  

Types of Driveways:

If your driveway is in a state of disrepair that requires a complete replacement, there are many options to consider. The climate where you live will play a large part in your choice of driveway material. Additionally, the aesthetics of your home (think rustic or modern) may play a role in what style of driveway you prefer to accompany your home. 

Concrete: Concrete driveways are quite popular, as they are very durable and require little maintenance. Concrete driveways are preferred for warm or moderate climates as they can break down over time when repeatedly freezing and thawing. While the classic light grey concrete comes to mind, there are tinted options available as well as concrete pavers (interlocking shapes) or stamped concrete to imitate cobblestone or brick.  

Asphalt: Asphalt driveways are popular for many homeowners, as its vibrant black color offers a clean look for a variety of home and yard styles. Asphalt is more cost effective than other driveway styles but will also require some regular maintenance and patching.  

Brick Pavers: Brick driveways can add an elegant touch to the look of a classic home, especially if you have existing brick paths or patios. Brick driveways will be more costly and will also require a highly experienced professional to install it properly. Especially in regions with heavy rain or snow, proper water drainage is essential. 

Gravel / Crushed Stone: Gravel driveways are quite popular for homes in more rural areas, as they more seamlessly blend into the natural surroundings. They can be installed quite quickly, and often by the homeowner them self (after the gravel/stone is delivered on site). You can buy gravel or crushed stone without breaking the bank, but remember that as it is loosely applied, the small stones can migrate into the yard or street and will require occasional refills. Snow removal can be tricky on these driveways as well. 

Cobblestone: Without a doubt, cobblestone driveways are very pleasing to the eye, and can boost a home’s curb appeal tremendously. Cobblestone will typically cost more than brick, and require the same professional installation. However, cobblestone will require little upkeep, and will maintain its classic charm for decades! 


Solutions to Consider:

Repair: Depending on the extent of damage, you may have some DIY option for repairing cracks or fixing splits in the driveway you currently have. Check Home Depot, Lowe’s or your favorite local hardware store for various products made for solving these problems and repairing your driveway. 

Resurface: If you’re starting to see alligator cracks (think cracks that overlap and look like the back of an alligator) or longer cracks through the driveway in any direction, resurfacing the top may help to seal over the issues until the subbase finally breaks down. Look into referrals from the area, yellow pages or a site like Angie’s List to see which companies in your area are the most reliable for this solution. 

Replace: If your driveway is missing pieces or is approaching old age and you just can’t keep up with fixing multiple smaller issues, it may be time to replace the driveway completely. The old driveway and foundation or completely removed and rebuilt. Be sure to research your project fully and spend some time choosing the company who will do it for you, including getting two or three estimates. As always, referrals are great, or look into Angie’s List or the yellow pages for reputable companies in your area. 


When listing or buying a home, curb appeal can make all the difference, especially since it’s something that anyone visiting the property will see. Talk to your loan officer today to get pre-approved for the home of your dreams with great curb appeal!