The bathroom is one of the rooms in your house that every guest is likely to see at some point. Making it look presentable and clean can sometimes be hard to do with an outdated room in need of upgrading.  Makeovers can get to be quite expensive; however, there are some ways you can effectively make a big impact for a much lower price.  When giving any room a makeover, the best rule to follow is to renovate what you can and only replace something if it’s an absolute necessity.  There are many things that you are able to DIY in your bathroom to make it look fresh and new for a fraction of the cost of a typical remodel.

Utilize Paint
Paint can be one of your best friends in renovation.  It’s one of the easiest ways to update something for relatively cheap.  Painting the walls can give a room a whole new look. You can change the color drastically or simply just repaint it with a similar shade to make it new.  With a few extra steps, you could also paint the trim around a shower, cabinets, faucets and even the floor.

Change The Handles
A quick and easy way to change the look of a room is to switch out the handles or knobs.  You can replace the toilet handle, cabinet handles, drawer handles or knobs, and doorknobs to make an effective change in a small way. You can find cheap handles and knobs at home depot or other department stores.

Customize Curtains
Why buy an already made shower curtain in a pattern you tolerate, when you could customize your own that you love? Some custom-made shower curtains by designers can be costly, but if you take your own measurements and pick out your own fabric, you can hire a seamstress to do the hemming for much cheaper.

Frame Your Mirror
Putting a frame around your mirror is an easy way to upgrade the look and make it look more elegant and classic.

Get Creative With Organization
If you have boxes of toilet paper, Q-tips, and other things stashed in sight, it can look a little messy. If you don’t have many storage places, one easy way to make it look more presentable would be to find ways to make it look more organized. One thing you can do is to get mason jars and decorate the tops with something that will match the rest of your bathroom and fill them up with smaller products such as Q-tips and cotton balls. You can store toilet paper by putting a shelf in above the door.

Don’t Forget to Decorate
Decorating the bathroom is important too! If you want to stick with a “mason jar” theme, you can use them to make your own candles or hold flowers.  You can also use printout decorative sayings or pictures, frame them, and hang them on the wall. There are many cheap things you can do to decorate your bathroom and upgrade it to something entirely new.